After winning the first place award for interior design in 2012 Macedonian Biennial of architecture, Berenbaum Jacobs Associates was asked to complete work on the permanent historical exhibition, which was completed on March, 11, 2018, the 75 anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews from Macedonia.
I have the privilage to photograph the exhibits at the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia. The idea is to capture the exhibit itself but also its integration in the interior design while showcasing unique and creative displays built specifically for the exhibits. Darker spaces, reflective displays and tight corners always make it a technical challenge that keeps us thinking on our feet and coming up with creative solutions.
Special thanks to the Edward Jacobs, Michael Berenbaum, Yos Jacobs and Holocaust Memorial Museum of Macedonia.

Photography: Vase Amanito
Photography © Vase Amanito, All rights reserved.
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